Collaborative robots

Collaborative robots

Collaborative robots

In view of the aging population, robots will increasingly play a role in the provision of health care. Robots are already used for simple jobs such as vacuuming and mowing the lawn, but in the future robots will also be required to collaborate in order to perform more complex tasks such as emptying a bin and taking out the rubbish or picking objects up from off the floor. 

Working together and helping each other out

The Mechatronics Chair at Saxion University of Applied Sciences has started to develop the building blocks for the necessary technology for collaborative robots. This modular technology has been developed based on the free Robot Operating System software. The group has used this modular technology to develop a ground-based robot which, when instructed to do so by TU Eindhoven’s humanoid robot ‘Amigo’, can pick up rubbish and hand it over. This technology makes it possible to develop robots that work either inside or outside the home and collaborate by taking tasks over from one another literally on the doorstep.

Mechatronics Forum on 29 June

Dr. Abeje Mersha from the Saxion Mechatronics Chair has become the expert within Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Along with various colleagues from the group, he will share the knowledge from this and another project called ‘Medical Robotics’ during the Mechatronics Forum (‘Forum Mechatronica’) on 29 June 2017. This afternoon event, held at Saxion, will feature live demonstrations of robots and a presentation to explain the technology.


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