Largest producer of civilian drones chooses Space53

Largest producer of civilian drones chooses Space53

Largest producer of civilian drones chooses Space53

DJI and Space53 are going to be working together to save lives with drones

Chinese company DJI has chosen to develop projects with Space53 to increase public safety through the deployment of drones. A concrete example of the collaboration is to set up a training programme at Technology Base for rescue workers and to develop standard procedures, geared towards the deployment of drones during security operations. On Wednesday July 5th, DJI, global market leader in civilian drone development and manufacture, will sign a Memorandum of Understanding with Space53, the Enschede-based public-private partnership for developing unmanned systems. 
In March of this year, DJI published a report that showed that deployment of drones has saved at least 59 human lives in the last five years. Drones are used more and more by fire departments and rescue workers throughout the world during their operations.

Twente offers unique ecosystem

DJI has chosen Space53 due to Twente’s unique eco system: a combination of innovative entrepreneurs in the field of unmanned systems, specific technological knowledge and experience, plenty of space for experimentation, unique facilities and partnerships with knowledge institutes and security services, such as the Twente Fire Department.

DJI is not our first international partner. Last autumn, telecom company Nokia allied itself with us to develop a new air traffic system for the integration of manned and unmanned aviation.


DJI is the market leader in the development and manufacture of civilian drones and aerial photography technology, for both business and private use. DJJ’s drones are used for aerial photography and film making, but the company has also been focusing more and more on security and inspection applications. To optimise the deployment of drones in these fields, DJI is now committing itself to working on training programmes and procedures in collaboration with end users.


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