Nokia tests air traffic control system for drones at Twente Airport

Nokia tests air traffic control system for drones at Twente Airport

One of our partners is the Finnish company Nokia, which is testing a new air traffic control and safety system for drones at Space53. The system is aimed at ensuring that drones are integrated with the regular air traffic safely.

Multi-year partnership

The official opening of Space53 included, among other things, the signing of a multi-year partnership agreement between Nokia and the Municipality of Enschede. At Space53, Nokia will be testing a new air traffic management system that utilizes 4G networks to maintain contact with drones.

According to Nico Nijenhuis from Clear Flight Solutions, such systems are of major importance for future unmanned systems. Speaking to the regional newspaper Tubantia, he says: “The system continuously scans the air space, enabling much safer use of that air space.”

UTM of great significance

Nokia’s Unmanned Aerial System Traffic Management (UTM) concept will eventually be suitable for use in many areas. Nijenhuis: “Emergency services are increasingly using drones – think of the fire service or the police in the case of calamities. But these systems are also of great significance in the commercial use of drones, such as in logistics and courier services.”


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