Safe testing in a protected environment and extension of test environment to living labs.

Safe testing in a protected environment

Smart Education

Space53 collaborates closely with research and education institutes such as the University of Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and ROC van Twente. In this context, the institutes of further and higher education are working together towards a shared goal and are contributing to the safe testing, training and development of unmanned systems with the aid of (vocational) education as well as applied and academic research. 

Technology Base

Space53 is located at Technology Base: the testing ground for companies with a thirst for innovation. This creates the ideal conditions, not only for safely developing, testing and experimenting with new materials and systems, but also for educating and training people. The 3km-long runway, the wide expanse of land and the protected, enclosed environment make this site unique in Western Europe.

Safety Campus

On the Safety Campus, knowledge institutes, companies and education institutes work with the police, the fire service, defence and healthcare services to develop and test new safety concepts. This is where vulnerable groups learn how to act in unsafe situations. The Safety Campus is internationally renowned. Safety teams from across Europe come here to take part in realistic training drills for large-scale disasters. The ideas developed on the Safety Campus help to make the world a safer place.

Hangar 11

In Hangar 11, up to twelve F-16 fighter aircraft could be in maintenance at the same time. Now the hangar with an area of 10.000 m2 and a height of up to 12 meters is available as the largest indoor site in The Netherlands for testing and training of unmanned systems. If your technology is not yet ready for a real life, outdoor test or not (yet) compliant with airspace regulations, this is the perfect alternative. All facilities, like 1Gb fiber-optic internet, catering and office space, are available to make Hangar 11 also suitable for demonstrations.

Extension of test environment to living labs

Smart Region

The Province of Overijssel, Veiligheidsregio Twente and the Municipality of Enschede are ‘launching customers’ for innovations in healthcare, social safety and sustainability, and are also living labs that try out unmanned systems in real life.

Smart City Enschede is a living lab

Smart City Enschede is one of the ‘launching customers’ for innovations in healthcare, social safety and sustainability. At the same time, it is a living lab where smart ideas can be tried out in real life.

The City of Enschede is able to designate ‘experimental zones’ which enables a more flexible approach to the current drone legislation. One of those zones is the De Marssteden business park. The Municipality of Enschede, Veiligheidsregio Twente, the fire service, the University of Twente, the De Marssteden business park and a security firm are currently involved in discussions to explore various possibilities for a real-life pilot project based on the use of drones as security cameras.