Broad social acceptance of unmanned systems calls for operators who take people’s sensitivities into consideration and avoid creating controversial situations.

Are you a developer of an unmanned system? And do you want to conduct testing or training for your product or application – in the air, on land or in the water? Are you looking for a partner or supplier? Or do you want to arrange RPAS training?

We can organize it for you. Our partners have RPAS-certified pilots. Together, we have knowledge of drone legislation and take care of the necessary procedures for you. Learning about the technology is one thing, and of course knowledge of the relevant legislation is an important part of the training, but we also strive to produce pilots whose ‘antenna’ is tuned in to societal attitudes. Broad social acceptance of unmanned systems calls for operators who take people’s sensitivities into consideration and avoid creating controversial situations.

Drone pilot training

In conjunction with Space53, ROC van Twente is developing the Netherlands’ first-ever vocational drone training course (for MBO-level students). The course will be offered as an optional subject in the coming academic year. There are two possible tracks, one for drone technology (maintenance) and the other for drone usage (drone pilot).

Globally certified drone pilot licence

One of Space53’s objectives is to develop a globally certified drone pilot licence. This will entail us making our test site and training centre available for the European market in order to create an internationally recognized licence.